onsdag den 23. september 2009

CPS-Card-Sketches #134

CPS-Card-Sketches 134

I just thought I would give my card a try.

I used red Bazzil cardstok.
Magnolia stamps colored with Faber-Castell colour pencil/aquarell
3 punch in a row: Paper from http://www.karenmarieklip.dk/
3 white flowers, 1 floral punch leaves and white lace.
White gel pen and a brown ink pad.

Taaaa  ddaaaa  .. It´s a beautifull day.
It is my birthday, and something good must be around the corner.
I´m preparing:
Boilled fish (Cod) with scrimps, salad,
red peber and lime dressing
Potatoes with parseley and ½ garlic
baked in the owen, a big roast and
the hole bunch is served with homemade
and fresh baked French Flüte.

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